Back in Oz

We flew back to Australia on the last day of February so we didn’t quite miss the big freeze and the “Beast from the East”, but luckily got out before the big snowfall. So we went from -5 to +25 just like that. We found Timshel in good order except that the batteries seemed to have been fried, now have new expensive AGM ones. We got Timshel hauled out for a couple of days in the yard. Back in the water now but the mast is still being worked on. At the moment the boat is on chaos down below as half the cupboards had to be emptied to get at the fittings. Hoping to go sailing again soon!

One thought on “Back in Oz

  1. Hi from Weohgi,
    Good luck with getting back on the water. We are in Clarkes court soon to be lifted out! Hope you are well 😊. Best wishes Avryl and Alan xx


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