Atlantic Crossing

Timshel will be setting off to cross the Atlantic with the World Cruising Club ARC+ rally – see  We set of from Las Palmas Gran Canaria at 1300 on Sunday 8 November to sail the 850 miles to the Cape Verde Islands. After a stopover at Mindelo, Sao Vicente, we set off on 18 November for the 2100 miles to St Lucia in the Caribbean.  Hopefully we will be in the region of the NE trades and will have a favourable wind and downwind sailing for the passage.  That’s the theory anyway.  We will be out of range for the AIS tracking out in the Atlantic, but the boats are all fitted with yellow brick satellite trackers for the passage.  To follow us and see how we are doing go to, then Fleet tracker or where are the boats and select ARC+.  It’s free if you are using a computer but unfortunately to track us with an iPad or phone (android  as well as Apple) you have to download an app which is free but they charge £2.29 to follow the rally.  The 64 boats in the ARC+ rally Include 17 different nationalities and there are 14 British.  12 boats are smaller than us, the smallest is 9.8m and the largest is a Swan 65 at 21m, there are also some huge cateramans.

One thought on “Atlantic Crossing

  1. cracked how to find you on the tracker! Looking good – love the photos! Pics of waves/albatrosses/dolphins/each other from the atlantic crossing to come??????
    All the best for the voyage!
    Alan & Helen


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