Viva L’ Espana

Wednesday 12 August

Finally after a very wet night sailing and a day spent motoring we were approaching the Spanish coast. But the waypoint as set was 30 miles out so it still took a while to get in, and a wind sprung up against us further inshore. Entering the marina we saw a few boats flying their ARC+2015 flags including “Ally” the Swedish flagged boat we’d met in Plymouth. Her skipper, Paul, kindly took our lines. A new country and a new flag for Timshel.

Spanish courtesy flag U
Spanish courtesy flag
Timshel in La Corunna.
Timshel in La Corunna.

Thursday 13 August: The rain in Spain today fell rather a lot on La Corruna, and we got soaked!

Tower of Hercules
Tower of Hercules

There are loads of fish in the marina, everywhere you look, big mullet and small fry. Had Tapas for lunch and Managed a run out to look at the Tower of Hercules.

One thought on “Viva L’ Espana

  1. Wow in Spain already we are very glad you have found some company heading the in the same direction I hope their boat is roughly the same size so you can keep meeting up. The pictures of the dolphins look fantastic and its good to see you making so much progress. I hope the sun shines and there is no more rain in Spain. There was lots of rain in Rhynie for the Tap o Noth race and Rhynie gala such a pity for the organisers. All the usual suspects turned out and everyone had a muddy run. Struan came out with me for his first hill race today and seemed to enjoy it apart from not having suitable footwear.
    We are always thinking about you both look after each other much love


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