Beach in the evening
Beach in the evening

IApparently it is pronounced Layshoinsh! Anyway it is just north of Porto. We are still trying to get the echo sounder fixed or rather get a new one but it has to fit into the old system and it doesn’t seem to be easy although the people here are helpful.  Luckily they speak good English in Portugal as we have not a word of Portugese.  Makes shopping interesting, in fact even picking out food shops is difficult as almost all shops are small and look similar.  Who would have thought that the supermarket was called Pingo Doce?  I did find the covered market in the last place which had a fantastic array of fish and seafood.

There are lots of fish of all sizes in the marina here too.  You hear a weird noise when the big ones come to eat the weed off the hull!  This is a big port but there is a nice beach next door to the marina.  Except I upset the lifeguards yesterday, lots of whistle blowing, they said a yellow flag meant you weren’t allowed to swim (even in knee deep water apparently) but the English version said “do not bathe out of your depth”.  Yes the waves were big but nothing I haven’t swum in before and I was staying close to the shore.

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