Arrecife and Marina Lanzerote

Mini transat fleet
Mini transat fleet

Castle museum
Castle museum

image image imageFinally managed to tear ourselves away from the Isla Graciosa anchorage on Wednesday to sail  round the top of Lanzerote and down the coast to this new Marina.  There was no wind so we had to motor the whole way and also had to steer as the electronic autopilot has gone wrong, giving a low battery voltage alarm and beeping madly whenever it is turned on (there is nothing wrong with the battery voltage).

The approach to the harbour and marina at Arrecife was made more exciting by the dredger that was blocking the whole of the narrow channel, but easier as it is also efficiently organised by a lady called Tania who seems to speak at least 6 languages perfectly.  The Mini Transat (21footers) race fleet is in having a stopover enroute fro Douarnez to Guadeloupe and there are a lot of French people about.  The marina is new just finished last year but has lots of shops, bars and restaurants and live bands so it is set up as a social centre.  We have been to the historic Castillo de San Gabriel and round the old town, also to a very good street market on Saturday, and swimming at the beach to cool off it is incredibly hot here at the moment.

the new electronic parts (autopilot and wind instruments) should be fitted by Marco from Arno electronics Thursday, he has also Ben helping us to set up the SSB to receive email, Ian, a fellow cruiser helped with setting the sat phone for email and we are having Henning from Waterline Yacht Services make some modifications to the water maker installation.

One thought on “Arrecife and Marina Lanzerote

  1. Great blog! The OYTS Volunteer weekend 2-4 Oct had about the same amount of wind as you had to Arrecife. But Alba Venturer and Explorer had a great time ghosting round the Clyde trying to avoid submarines and a NATO exercise. Henry


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