Moving on to Puerto Calero

Timshel in Puerto Calero
Timshel in Puerto Calero
Leaving Arrecife
Leaving Arrecife
Plenty of fishing gear on this boat
Plenty of fishing gear on this boat

image image

One of Puerto Calero's golden bollards
One of Puerto Calero’s golden bollards
Palm trees at Puerto Calero
Palm trees at Puerto Calero

Just a short hop down the coast of Lanzarote to test out the systems – new autopilot, instruments, alternator and of course the adjusted rudder bearings.  We also ran the generator and watermaker. We’d had a few very heavy but short lived rain showers over the last few days that had us running to get in washing and shut hatches, but the ones we saw out at sea passed us by.  The marina here at Puerto Calero is a bit posher than the one in Arrecife (and it costs more), but the pontoons etc are noticeably older.  All the marinas here employ Marineros who meet you or usher you into the designated berth and take the lines.   Totally unlike home where you almost always have to do it yourself.  Trouble is sometimes the Marineros know what they are doing, sometimes they insist on mooring up the boat “their” way and grump when you do it differently, sometimes they do what you ask with the rope … But sometimes they have no idea (trying to hold the boat rather than putting the rope round the cleat) and you realise it would have been much simpler to do it yourself.


One thought on “Moving on to Puerto Calero

  1. Looks like retirement is busy. I’m enjoying your blog though the technicalities are beyond me – kayaks are relatively simple!


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