5 days to go!

The tension is racking up, everyone has their lists of stuff to be done.  We had our safety check on Saturday (in pouring rain!), the yellow brick tracker was fitted just now and we are gradually filling all available space in the boat with food.  A bit of light relief today though as we went on a tree planting expedition – they are sponsoring an ARC forest.  They bussed us to the location and it was really interesting to see a bit more of the island, so green compared to volcanic Lanzarote and great views once we’d climbed the hill to the tree planting site.  In fact it’s a holiday today, so the ships chandlers are all shut so not all that much can get done anyway.  The crew dinner is tonight, the seminars which do look very informative are on Tuesday and Wednesday with safety demonstrations on Thursday, Fancy dress party Wednesday (80s films – anybody got any ideas?) and Farewell party on Friday.

2 thoughts on “5 days to go!

  1. Hi Guys,
    1980’s films.
    Depends on whether you win if they can guess or win if they can’t and also on resources for costumes. Das Boot – Evil under the Sun – The Highlander – Fat Man Little Boy. The last one is nothing to do with fat men or little boys but the names given to the first two atomic bombs.
    Failing any of these go to http://www.imdb.com and put in 1980/1/2/3 etc


  2. Hi Steve & Anita- ran into Donald yesterday & heard about your adventure.Stuart & I have just been poring over your blog.What a fantastic adventure! We will continue to follow your exploits & wish you the very best of luck!Enjoy yourselves.
    Julia Foy


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