We made it!

Rodney Bay



Arrival gift from St Lucia – fresh fruit and rum!

Timshel crossed the finish line in Rodney Bay St Lucia at the crack of dawn on Thursday morning 14 days 20 hrs 7 min 46 secs (by my watch anyway).  As promised someone from World Cruising Club was there on the pontoon to meet us and help us tie up and the guy from St Lucia tourist board was there  with rum punch and basket of fruit despite the early hour.  And we did drink the rum as it gradually sunk in that we really had arrived.

Also see http://www.pbo.co.uk/news/evacuation-of-four-crew-from-arc-yacht-magritte-25471 for description and photo of our arrival (after the bit about the boat that sank).

All done under sail, we did not use any diesel for the passage.  Unfortunately the generator broke the first day, luckily the wind generator and the towed generator together gave us enough battery charging so we didn’t have to start the engine at all. We did turn off anything nonessential – the echosounder, the chart plotter and mainly used the wind vane steering. We did run the fridge, the VHF, the AIS, wind instruments and log, lights as appropriate but most of the power went on the SSB radio with 2 daily schedules and getting emails and grib files. It was a pretty easy passage with good winds from the expected direction (ie behind us) only a few calms and squalls to contend with so we made good time. I guess that’s why they call it the milk run. We were very excited to be here but didn’t really feel we’d done enough to cross an ocean. Just now enjoying St Lucia and getting the boat ready for guests (my sister and family).

7 thoughts on “We made it!

  1. Glad to hear that you arrived, never doubted that you would, probably the most experienced and qualified crew in the fleet. Have a great time.


  2. Congratulations on such an eco friendly passage. Hope you are getting settled into the rushed way of life in the Caribbean…..


  3. How wonderful Anita and Steve, a dream come true. We will drink a toast to you both on Saturday at our Christmas party chez 61.
    lots of love to you both xxxx


  4. Well done – that is a fast passage and quite an achievement without having to burn any diesel. What happened to the generator? Enjoy the Caribbean. It is cold wet and windy here in Scotland!

    All the best from Chris & Cecily


  5. Christmastime gives spare time to lay back and meet old friends on the internet. Ofcourse we search for you two and Timshel. Wonderful to see you live your dream. Lovely to see the photo’s that also give us memories of our time on Timshel. Congratulations with your save crossing. Having a great Christmas there and Newyearseve and looking forward to your new choices where to steer…. Love from Erwin and Landa


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