Antigua again

It’s hard work this upwind stuff!  Also the current is against us.  We were heading overnight  for Antigua as hoped to get new parts fitted to the generator there, the clew ring of the mainsail came adrift half way through the night which confirmed our destination as at least there are sailmakers here.  I had noticed the tapes attaching it were chafing and had sewn on some extra tape to reinforce it, obviously it didn’t last.  The sail which was new when we left has performed well apart from the tapes.  I’d previously repaired the tape loop attaching the tack as it chafed the through by the time we got to Cape Verde.  A and F sails at English Harbour have done a speedy repair on the clew plus tack and head tapes and delivered it back today.  They could only put a temporary patch on some damage to the batten pockets that we discovered when we lowered the sail, that will have to get fixed during the lay up in Grenada.  A gentleman called Stead (I keep thinking of the Avengers) seems to have fixed the generator at last (fingers crossed).  So we will soon be heading off again to Guadaloupe.  Would have liked to go to Nevis and even Montserrat but we are running out of time and reluctant to give up our hard won easting, so will have to save these islands for another year.

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