Now in Grenada

Yesterday we arrived in Grenada at the southern end of the chain of islands where we are going to lay up the boat for the hurricane season.  Apparently the season officially starts today 1st June but storms this early at extremely rare and while not quite far enough south to be completely out of the hurricane belt, storms are rare in Grenada (and none forecast at the moment).  After Martinique we called in at islands St Lucia, Bequia and Carriacou and met up with a few boat friends en route.

Carriacou is the same country as Grenada so we did our last Customs and Immigration Check in of the season.  The forms asks for ” countries you have visited in the last 6 weeks” but I just wrote in as many as would fit in the space (3).

On the way from Carriacou to Grenada you have to take note of the underwater volcano Kick ’em Jenny that lies on your path.  The last eruption was a year ago in July 2015.  At the moment the alert level is Yellow, just one up from the lowest which is green, description: volcano is restless.  There is a compulsory 1.5km exclusion zone and we kept as faraway as we could without going  an excessive distance off track.  Needless to say we saw nothing.

We now have quite a bit of boat work to do and to organise for leaving Timshel while we go back to Scotland for a few months.

Sister rocks
Kick ’em Jenny?
Pitons, St Lucia

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