Timshel World ARC

We have been rushing round all week preparing Timshel, getting stores, going to the seminars and briefings provided by World Cruising about the route, weather etc. It seems that as soon as you tick off one job, you find several more. The excitement is building! It has been great to meet the crews of the other boats in the rally, our companions for the next months and everyone is very sociable. We just got back from the Farewell party (with steel band), actually at the rather sober time of 21.00 and we are looking forward to the start as we set off on the first leg of the World voyage from St Lucia to Santa Marta in Columbia. There are 26 boats on the rally, we are the smallest at 40 ft, the largest is 64 ft and half are sailing 2 handed for this leg, including the 64 ft one. If you want to follow us, we have a yellow brick satellite tracker, see http://www.worldcruising.com/world_arc/world_arc/eventfleetviewer.aspx. You have to download the YB races app, then select World ARC 2017 St Lucia to MacKay (may have to select it twice). We will be able to post a daily blog to World ARC site, sending short messages over the SSB radio, so look there for a blow by blow account while we are at sea. This main blog at http://www.timshel81.com we will update when we can, when we get wifi in port.

2 thoughts on “Timshel World ARC

  1. A right rollicikn’ read, so far ……….. bizarrely, we’re just back from Madeira (Timshel circa late Sept | early Oct 2016)? Good luck with the rest of the trip – suitably envious …………
    Peter & Lois


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