Panama to Galapagos 

Maybe the Pacific was living up too its name?  It was a slow trip with little wind.  When the rest of the fleet set off they had a really strong breeze and they covered a good many miles in the first couple of days, but when left it was flat calm.  We don’t carry enough fuel to motor the whole way so we spent a lot of time sailing slowly in very little wind just keeping the cruising chute filled.  With wall to wall sunshine and a flat Sea it would have been idyllic had we not really wished to get there.   We crossed the equator at 07.55 on day 6, celebrated with a little champagne, also pouring a libation over the side for Neptune and taking photos.  It is traditional to dress up and do silly things at this point, somDteve was Neptune ( with the Shark propellor from the towed charger as his trident) and Anita was still me sort of Sea Nymph.  We motored most of the last night, slowing down so as to arrive at daybreak rather than in the dark.  A night entry would not have Ben good as the chart was all wrong.  Maybe this is the norm from now on?  Started ticking off our bucket list of Galapagos wildlife immediately as the anchorage was full of sea lions.  They climb up and bask on anything they can – fortunately it is much easier for them to get on to the catamarans rather than the monohull, and we haven’t been invaded so far as they make quite a mess.  The officials came to do our clearance later that morning, our inspection (they send a diver down to check that the hull is clean, no foreign organisms) and paperwork was done in double quick time it seemed – maybe they didn’t want to be late for their lunch?  Then we could go ashore.  So by now we have seen turtles, pelicans, great blue heron, frigate birds (including males in breeding display, giant tortoises in the sanctuary and breeding centre – one just about strolled over Steve’s foot, Marina iguanas, lava lizards, even the Galapagos green eyed horsefly ( has rather an unpleasant bite) and a variety of birds.  We went on a Snorkelling trip to a rocky outcrop called Leon Dormido, amazing colourful rock walls and wonderful fish including a hammerhead shark.  We changed Islands yesterday and saw Giant Manta Rays leaping right out of the water.  The next leg, 3000 miles to the Marquesas, starts Wednesday next week so we are trying to see as much as we can here.

One thought on “Panama to Galapagos 

  1. It was great to read your account. Sounds ideallic….you both make great Neptunes. Looking forward to the next update. Keep well! Love
    Jane and Greg


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