Brisbane to Gold Coast

Finally the wind and rain slackened off enough to leave the Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron Marina and make our way south through the intricate narrow and shallow channels of Moreton Bay. Apparently this sustained wet period is the first rain they have had since cyclone Debbie in March. It hadn’t finished with us yet though and we spent an extra night part way through just before the shallowest patch as it was forecast heavy rain and 30 knots of wind. We could see the skyscrapers of City of Gold Coast and Surfers Paradise as we wended our way through peaceful Mangrove lined waterways (at least until the jet skis and motor boats arrived). There were some Australian Humpback Dolphins and more at the entrance to Runaway Bay Marina where we berthed for a couple of nights. Not sure Steve’s nerve is up to doing it all again so we may have to take the outside passage on the way back north. N.B. Gold Coast is the name of the City as well as of the stretch of Coast. The Commonwealth Ganes will be held here in April next year. Pictures show the intricate navigation and also the sort of town planning in this area with developments round an intricate system of canals.

P.s. Thanks to Andrew for telling me how to take screenshots on the iPad.

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