Sailed here from Newcastle on Friday, judged that by then the southerly swell would have died down enough, the met office had been saying surf conditions offshore all week.  This a yachting Mecca with every little bay and creek packed with moorings – see pic from Google Earth.  We anchored in a nice bay for a couple of nights, today moved to a mooring in an even more sheltered location belonging to very friendly and helpful people we met back in Bundeberg, Lynne and Andrew  from Mischief.  The weather is not v nice, cold, wind and rain and forecast worse so we may be here for a few days.   Apparently there are little penguins here but we haven’t seen any yet.  We were amused by the name of the island.

P.S I fixed the Yelow Brick tracking so that it shows the whole trip and not just the last 30 days https://my.yb.tl/Timshel81.

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