Back to Newcastle

We spent a week or so exploring Sydney, taking in the Aquarium, the Australian museum, the Maritime museum, the Observatory, and of course the shops.  The anchorage at Blackwattle bay was fairly convenient, one could easily walk over to Darling Harbour to the centre or else get the bus.  Also spent a couple if nights at a marina and a night anchored offManly  beach just inside North Head.  Then headed north via Pittwater to Newcastle.  A kind man from the local Marine rescue helped us berth by taking our lines as we reversed into our new berth on the Fish co-op quay, a bit like a Dutch box berth with huge posts either side.  We are very grateful to Mark from the Fish Co-op and Brad from the Midcoast Boatyard for arranging the berth for us, and looking after the boat in our absence.  We busied ourselves washing and packing away everything, taking off sails etc.  Newcastle was hosting a big event- V8 Ute car racing, so it was all go for the weekend, apart from the roar of the cars there were helicopters clattering about and a jet doing an acrobatic display.  Finally the time came to sadly leave Timshel and get the train to Sydney airport and the flight home.  Arrived in Heathrow to freezing temperatures, a few days later up to Aberdeen and Storm Caroline brought wind then snow.

Timshel’s new berth

Snowy forest near Aberdeen

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