Back in St Lucia

After anchoring for breakfast and a snorkel in Anse Cochon we made our way to Marigot Bay to join the rest of the fleet. This is a rather nice marina with a lovely and quite large pool and all the facilities of the hotel available. They managed to find spaces formal of us stern to the dock. Anita got to climb Gros Piton with friends from Cayeuse, Mad Monkey and Lydia. We had a prize giving and dinner ar Chateau Mygo, also a Reunion dinner on Misto with our friends from the 2017 rally, Howard and Ros (Misto), Pia and Terje (Aurora Polaris), Helen and Martin (Laura Dawn, Owl, Misto, Aurora Polaris). We all got a fantastic welcome from the 2018 rally, but the friends from 2017 when we started the journey all new together will always be remembered.


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