Moving north up the Caribbean chain

Still can’t believe the World ARC Rally is over, the saving grace is that there is always something else to look forward to. Gradually our rally mates departed from Rodney Bay, a couple heading back south to lay up in Grenada, most north, some heading back home to the US, some home back across to Europe or U.K. Many sad goodbyes but hopefully many of us will meet again. We had to wait a couple of days for our mainsail to be repaired – the clew ring blew out during the parade of sail – so we were among the last to leave. First stop, Le Marin, Martinique, lots of shopping for the boat and of course French bread, wine and cheese etc. And several rally boats there too. We celebrated Howard from Misto’s birthday with Howard and Ros, also crews of Adrienne and PretAixte. It was also Easter and each boat got a wonderful Easter gift from Adrienne, decorated egg, choc eggs and bunny, madelines, all in a lovely nautical box with guardian chicks. Next stop was Grand Anse d’ Arlet where we spent Christmas 2015 (memorable party arranged for ARC+friends by Liam and Liz of Odyssey, and also Christmas 2016 with Steve’s sister Margaret. There are still turtles swimming all around the boats, and Misto and Adrienne also there.

We moved on to Dominica, Mero and then Portsmouth, then Guadeloupe, Deshaies (where they filmed Death In Paradise). So we are alternating currencies – Euros and ECD, also language French English, and flags. It’s strange doing short hops, we keep trying to buy too much food expecting to be at sea for a few weeks or so. So far we have had the usual Caribbean blast between the island with some calms in the lee but mainly sailing despite a forecast of little wind.

Next we will make the 130 mile passage to Dutch St Maarten to collect our new mainsail.

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