In Horta

HORTA is a very attractive city. White walls, red tiled roofs, black and white churches. Masks are required when going inside anywhere, seating marked out for social distancing etc, but otherwise people seem relaxed. There are no recent cases and as the airport is closed, all the visitors have arrived on small yachts having been isolated on board for 2 or 3 weeks of the ocean crossing before they arrive and all have a negative Covid test. Not everywhere is open, but you can go to the famous Peter Cafe Sport. Anita can run over 2 volcanic cones just near the City, Monte Queimado and Monte de Guia. As is traditional we have painted our boat name on the harbour wall. Almost every inch of the wall is populated, we chose a position on one of the new bits built to shelter the bins – these parts are rapidly being filled too.

It was great to meet up with Tanya and Thomas of Adrienne, friends from World ARC 2018 rally. They had sailed from Martinique where they had spent lockdown, arriving a couple of days after us. They entertained us to a great paella on Adrienne (despite a few operational difficulties) and we had a really nice sociable evening. They also gave Steve a local bear for his birthday. Note: we had been isolated on board our boats for greater than 14 days on the way to the Azores and had a negative Covid test on arrival, so all could be considered safe.

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