Sunshine at Ria de Muros

Had a great sail here, plenty of wind and from behind a lot of the time so had to set the pole and goose wing the sails.  Spent 2 days in this lovely Ria, it has suddenly got very warm. Surprised to get a visit from Spanish customs late on in the evening when we were at anchor.  Luckily the form was multi-lingual as the 2 young guys were not.  At one point we thought we might have to rescue them when their outboard failed to start and they had already cast off from us.  We explored the attractive old town.  Went for a cooling dip at the beach and out for a very nice fish meal to celebrate my birthday yesterday.  Planning to head on south today.

Goose-winged sails
Goose-winged sails
Good sailing weather
Good sailing weather

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