Running out of Rias

And the weather has reverted to Scottish style S wind at gale force and rain. We were just thinking to deploy the bimini sunshade as it was getting very hot, but not now.

We arrived in Baiona yesterday near the entrance to the Ria de Vigo. Going south from here you are soon in Portugal and the coast is much straighter without all the attractive and welcoming indentations. Reckon we will be here a few days waiting for the wind and swell to die down.  Quite historic, you can walk all round the walls of the Parador (castle) and you can look at a replica of the Pinta which seems very small to have crossed the Atlantic with all those people aboard. We are in the club marina whose base is built into the fortifications.  There are so many little fish it seems the boat is floating in fish soup.

Parador of Baiona
Parador of Baiona

image image

3 thoughts on “Running out of Rias

  1. Hi there Anita and Steve,
    A belated happy birthday Anita. I hope all is well and the wind and rain has died down enough for you to make progress south. We had the Cheyne hill race last Thursday and Olan came along to run. She loved it so much so she asked when the next race was.
    love to you both


  2. Hi both, just a wee message to say hi and wish you fair winds for the next stage of your adventure. This post brought back happy memories for us – we had a few days in Baiona when we sailed to the Canaries on Arethusa in 1999. It is a lovely spot. Hope the weather improves for you soon. Pam and Stuart x


  3. Hope you have needed to use the bimini by now! I thought the rias were great and the towns along them are full of charm. Great that you got past the Gulf of Biscay, and trust that the sailing will be fantastic.


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