Porto Santo

We need Gillian's expertise to do one of these
We need Gillian’s expertise to do one of these

imageHave spent a relaxing few days strolling round the town and swimming off the lovely beach.  Warm water at last!  We had a look around the Columbus museum for our culture for the day. Also boat jobs like getting diesel for the next trip onward to Madeira.  It is very hot at times but often a breeze.  We put up the Bimini before we left Portugal so we have some shade.  Due to configuration of our cockpit and main sheet it is not just a 2 min job to put it up and down so it can stay up now, may not do the boats windward performance that much good though?  Very friendly here but matters complicated due to marina having just changed ownership and management. Ze kindly took Steve took to garage in his van to fill our cans with diesel and Jose Batista generously gave us a Madeira flag when we asked where could buy one.You have to report to the Port Police as well, but they are unfailingly polite and helpful.  We were rather deficient in our packing in that we didn’t bring any paints in order to paint the boats name and logo on the harbour wall as seems to be the tradition. We went an open top bus tour to see round the island this afternoon.  Not sure if we will stay for the Columbus festival at the end of the week.

image image

Aerial view
Aerial view
Our bus
Our bus

2 thoughts on “Porto Santo

  1. HI Anita and Steve wow it all sounds very exciting we are all jealous of the the warm weather and the wearing of shorts.
    Good luck for the next leg of your journey we look forward to reading all about it.


  2. Hi Anita & Steve I have just seen that you are in the ARC+ this year; all going well I should be in the ARC.

    It looks like the two of you are having a great time sailing; I guess that you have both retired. It would be good to see you in either the Canaries or St Lucia. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

    Best wishes, Carina, (Scary, OYT)


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