Madeira in Madeira

Just sitting in the cockpit of an evening drinking Madeira (sec) in Madeira.  We spent 2 nights in a beautiful but somewhat rolly anchorage Enseada de Abra, then came round the corner to this marina this morning.  Water warm and clear so I was able to swim round the bay where we are anchored watching pretty coloured fish close to the rocks.  We watched a procession of decorated fishing boats, lots of flags, lots of folk crammed aboard, and a priest and some sort of icon of a Saint on one of them.  We plan to get the bus into Funchal tomorrow, maybe look at the botanical gardens and so on.

The E end of Madeira
The E end of Madeira

image image

Anchorage Enseada de Abra
Anchorage Enseada de Abra

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