imageOr will the list ever be finished?  Hopefully just a few things to tidy up now, the last shopping to get and stow, last washing to do, fill with water and so on.  The skippers briefing is 1200 tomorrow and we set sail on Sunday. We put up all the signal flags to “dress the ship overall” but unfortunately they are a bit small – Mum actually made them for a 31 ft boat and we are 41 ft, so instead of having flags going up the front of the mast and down to the back of the boat I just put them in one string up the front.  It still looks pretty but no doubt the purists would complain.

There was a costume party on Wednesday, the theme was 80s films.  The only one I could think of was Ghostbusters, so we had goggles and rucksacks with a tube and a funnel or the Hoover tube plus signs with the logo – sorted.  Just a shame that the organisers and also another boat had the same idea, but they did play our music.

Timshel dressed overall
Timshel dressed overall
The flags are not quite correct
The flags are not quite correct
Ghostbusters and Topics  Gun
Ghostbusters and Top Gun
Supplies from the market
Supplies from the market

2 thoughts on “Countdown

  1. Wishing you all the best for the next leg of the voyage, and trust that the winds will be kind to you.

    I hope that the things that are left on the list are things like: Clean the windows, polish the silverware, service the lawnmower etc


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