For the Christmas holiday we were joined by my sister Wendy, husband Chris and nephews Andrew and Dylan.  Timshel seemed much smaller with 6 on board!  Conditions were fairly blustery, but after a few days exploring St Lucia – Marigot bay, Rodney bay and Pigeon island, we had a great sail north to Martinique.

We anchored in a bay called Grande Anse d’Arlet. Beach party on Christmas Eve, lovely presents on Christmas morning (how many get a present of 6 hunky men from their sister – sadly they were very small as they are drink/glass markers), the adults had glittery antlers and the boys had stockings, then off for a snorkel, it was like being in an aquarium over the rocks at the edge of the bay, and there were turtles swimming round the boat.  Christmas dinner was in a restaurant by the beach 15 boats and 56 people together. We thought the service might be a bit slow what with there being so many of us, but they were great and the food was good.  Dylan got a wonderful folding hat in the secret Santa, unfortunately the conch shell Andrew got was confiscated as not allowed in hand luggage.

Martinique is different (it is after all a full department of France) in that they are no “vendors” coming round the boats pestering you to buy everything from bread and fruit to palm baskets and no boat boys wanting to tie your boat to the mooring or whatever for money or offering various services.  And you got wonderful bread and pastries from the bakery.

We were back in St Lucia for new year as sadly the crew had to fly back on 1st Jan, we were so sorry to see them go.

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