South to St Vincent and the Grenadines


Sunset at Soufriere

New crew, friends Jane and Steve Parfitt joined us on Sunday 10 Jan.  We set off south the next afternoon, stopping overnight at Soufriere, then on down to St Vincent.  Remembered to take down the St Lucia flag and substitute the one for St Vincent and the Grenadines half way across between the islands.  We had a nice sail and motor sail down the coast of St Vincent, very scenic, it is another high volcanic island, all green and forested with small towns along the shore.  We moored in the Blue Lagoon Marina right at the south end of the island. You have to go through a shallow passage in the reef to enter, watching the waves break around us.  At least we got to go through the normal marked passage, unlike friends from ARC+ in Beneteau 47 Orion who had to have a pilot to go through the deeper but unmarked south passage (marked Dangerous to yachts on the chart) as they draw too much for the other one.

Today we got a taxi to nearby Kingstown which is the capital of the island and had a very informative tour around the lovely botanic gardens including a descendant of the original Breadfruit tree brought  by Captain Bligh of mutiny on the Bounty fame and lots of other marvellous trees and flowering plants.  Then  lunch at Basil’s and shopping in the market.  Also saw the St Vincent parrot, now being bred in captivity as becoming very rare.

The marina people were very helpful,we got water diesel and petrol for the outboard. When the time came to leave Mike piloted us out of the south entrance through the reef!




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