Bequia and Canouan

From St Vincent we sailed south the short distance to Bequia and anchored in Admiralty Bay off Princess Margaret beach. Explored  ashore by Di-Di’s  water taxi, except Anita swam, a very busy vibrant place, lots of shops, stalls and cafes/restaurants, and lots of boats on moorings or anchored.  Had coffee and ice cream or cake at the Gingerbread cafe and decided we must visit again on our way north. In the morning we sailed round to Friendship Bay on the south side of the island, much quieter with fewer boats, a beautiful bay with sandy beach and a rocky bit with coral for snorkelling.

Next morning we headed south to the island of Canouan.  We anchored in a lovely bay for lunch and a snorkel, we also saw Hejira who we know from the ARC+ rally.  We moved on to Charlestown Bay, the main town, where we anchored for the night.  Canouan has seen a lot of luxury tourist development in recent years, but this year has been the subject to security warnings on the yachting web sites after several yachts were broken into.  We locked up carefully and removed loose stuff, shoes etc from the cockpit and had no trouble, it may be as reported 2nd hand from Hejira that the bad guys have already been caught and locked up.  The bad reports might explain why there were very few boats in, and when we went ashore in the morning the posh hotel seemed empty, which is a shame for the island if the problems have been resolved.  We had a nice run ashore listening to the singing from the churches as we passed, everyone was very friendly and the place seemed quite prosperous. We got some stores in the shops and fruit market (though unfortunately the wine we got – a familiar brand – was off, all 3 bottles).

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