Petit St Vincent and Petit Martinique

Petit St Vincent 

From Tobago Cays went to Union Is, found a lovely anchorage in Chatham bay for lunch and ended up going back there for the night as Clifton, the main town was very crowded and exposed to the wind that was getting up.  It also rained rather hard (nothing to what they have had at home of course) the islands are all green so obviously it has to rain some of the time.  Then to Petit Martinique for water, diesel and stores, then just across the water (less than a mile) to anchor at Petit St Vincent for the night.  A beautiful small island, white sand beach and Palm trees, it is a private resort but the beach is accessible (and the bar and restaurant if you have the money).  It is forecast to be a bit windier for the next few days, and we will head slowly back north up the island chain.

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