Heading back north

New Caribbean shorts for Steve

Steve and Desmond
Rum punch at Blue Lagoon
Jane and Steve

1 night at Saline bay Myreau, then on to Admiralty bay Bequia.  There was a huge Manta ray in the harbour as we went in.  We had fun stocking up at the market though the stall holders are rather intimidating all clamouring for you to buy from them and not their comrades but also insisting you try various produce that they slice off for you.  Steve managed to buy some new shorts in an exotic print, bright but they fit.  Several pairs of his had bitten the dust with the constant wear, he’d had them for years in Scotland.  Also one pair I got him earlier in a bright blue colour leaked so much dye that after a rain storm he had blue legs!

We sailed from Bequia up to Blue Lagoon at the south end of St Vincent, where we could clear out of St Vincent in preparation for heading to StLucia tomorrow, having got used to the Shengen rules in Europe it is a shock to have to clear customs and immigration between islands out here and you have to allow time for it.  Everyone at Blue Lagoon Marina is very friendly and helpful, especially pilot Mike who took us in through the reef and Marina manager Desmond.  The advert offers a free rum punch for crew of visiting yachts and this time we managed to claim it – the brew that Desmond brought over was very nice but Powerful!



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