Underway again – at last!

Parts for the engine finally arrived and fitted, generator we hope is fixed, we even got the speed log working.  Left the marina to anchor in the bay last night then sailed north to Martinique this morning, nice fast reach over a sparkling sea, lots of flying fish.  Now anchored in St Anne on Martinique.  Lots of yachts in the bay, just waiting to do our Customs clearance on the clunky old computer in the Internet cafe.

NB all 3 of the water carriers we were carrying on deck cracked and split, one after the other – UV of course.  Lest the same thing happen to the diesel cans I made them some rough covers from Acrylic, now need to make another for the new water carrier.

We are continuing our exploration of local foods.  Got this huge apricot from the Farmers market, also  Dasheen – a starchy thing.  The other item with Puffa penguin is a medium size lemon (see lower picture).

Puffa with more strange food, we call it “random citrus”, on the left is a lemon on the right a grapefruit, you can see why we are confused. The little ones are limes.


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