Rodney Bay again

We left Blue Lagoon and motored against wind and 2 kts of tide along the south coast of St Vincent, then the engine overheat alarm went off.  It turned out to be due to a split in the rubber boot on the end of the heat exchanger that allowed all the coolant to drain into the bilge.  So now under sail we tacked up the coast of St Vincent, through a squall then a calm (may have been due to backwash from the volcano Soufriere).  It’s amazing how well you can sail when reaching for the engine start button isn’t an option.  Luckily we had Jane and Steve with us to help man the winches.  A nice reach over to the Pitons on St Lucia, then close hauled again up the coast to anchor under sail during another amazing squall in Rodney Bay at 1 am.  We had meant to stop en route, but with no engine it made sense to make straight for the big open anchorage.  We got towed into the marina in the morning and unfortunately are still waiting for the part for the engine to arrive.

Meanwhile we have been catching some local culture; a charity concert of Caribbean music on Saturday night then a visit to a Pan yard on Monday.  That’s steel pan drums not cooking pans.  The visit was organised by the local (yacht) cruiser net.  After learning about the history and how the drums are made we took up our positions with  the various drums and rather painfully managed to play “when the saints go marching in”.  All good fun, then we got to hear the experts play.

We’ve also been trying some local foods: breadfruit is quite nice roasted, also tried Soursop and Love Apples.  Food is not cheap here and much of it is imported from USA.  We are looking forward to shopping in Martinique and getting some decent cheese.

The wait for parts stretched to serval weeks.  We met Mrg and Simon on Rustler 42 “Margansie ” berthed next door, they were waiting for parts for their watermaker and on their way to the Pacific and New Zealand.  We were very pleased to share their hire car for a trip round the island – the volcano and mud baths (meant to be very good for the skin)  and Diamond Falls and botanic gardens near Soufriere.  Then the Tet Paul nature trail, very enjoyable.  Steve practised taking pics of humming birds with his new camera.

Puffa penguin thought he would try Breadfruit



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