Martinique and Dominica

Sorry about lack of updates, wifi is scarce. People say that a local sim is the way to go but this doesn’t really work when you are going from Island to Island and each one is a different country and would need a different sim. Often neither wifi or cellular work very well, presume just too many people trying to use it these days?

Anyway will try to put more photos when I get a better connection. We spent a few days in Fort de France the capital of Martinique, mainly doing some shopping, then North to St Pierre which used to be the capital until it was destroyed by the eruption of Mont Pelee in 1902, killing all but 2 people there. Lots of interesting history and we did a (very hot) walk to visit a rum distillery.

On to Dominica which like several of the islands was alternately British and French but finished up British and is now independent, but they still drive on the left same as UK. We moored at the capital Roseau for a couple of nights and did a taxi tour of the local sites, waterfalls, sulphur springs, impressive gorges etc, but gave up on the higher sites as there was horizontal rain and murk – just like Scotland, but we were not dressed for it. We had a boisterous sail on to Portsmouth which is a big anchorage. Next day we were about to go ashore when the heavens opened, torrential rain and also thunder. Out of the murk with waterproofs and running lights on came our friends on “Walden”, whom we know from Hayling island which is near the other Portsmouth. So, once rain had stopped or at least slackened for a bit we could all meet up in a local beach bar to compare notes. More sightseeing today then off ashore for dinner.

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