French Islands

From Dominica we had a great sail north to Iles Saintes which are part of France.  One night in a remote anchorage where we could snorkell and watch Pelicans and frigate birds, then to the main town of Bourg des Saintes on Isle de Haut to check in with customs, shopping etc.  It is a charming island, very French, great bread and restaurants, everyone goes about on scooters or electric buggies.  We made an interesting visit up to the Fort Napoleon, great views of the island.  Apparently Admiral Rodney was victorious against the French in the battle of the Saintes in 17 something or other.

Now on Guadaloupe in a sleepy little place called Rivière Sens.  We are in the marina which gives a chance to catch up with the washing, shopping and Internet and a few more jobs.  It’s not all lying in the sun you know!  In fact it has rained quite a lot recently.

Hoping to stop next at pigeon Island at the Jaques Cousteau under water park.




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