Barbuda beaches

Sailed to Barbuda from Deep Bay Antigua.  It is a very low island and only visible in the last couple of miles, notorious for shipwrecks as also surrounded by coral reefs.  We navigated very carefully with lookout at the bow and full attention to paper and electronic charts to anchor off the beautiful Cocoa beach.  Apparently Princess Diana used to come here with the boys but her favourite beach was a little further north.  Next day we moved to anchor at Low bay which is just a thin strip of sand as there is a large lagoon between here and the main (only) settlement of Codrington.  Next day we went into sleepy Codrington to clear customs etc and then got a trip to the Frigate Bird Sanctury.  Saw lots of fluffy young birds, adults in elegant flight and a few males still in mating display – bright red pouch inflated under the chin –

although breeding really should be finished by now.

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