A day trip to USA

Well it’s only just over there about 4 miles away.  We made a day from to St Johns which is on th USVI by ferry, mainly to collect a small,package of electrical parts for the generator that we had arranged to be sent from MASE North America to a cousin of one of our friends from the ARC+ rally who lives and works there.  Why didn’t we take the boat you may ask?  Unless you have a full visa (we just had ESTA) you have to go and get stamped in by public transport first, then you can take your boat.  A lot,of formalities for just one day, and departure tax to pay both ways as well as ferry fare much more expensive than going to Arran.  We had a look round and went for an interesting walk, most of the island of St Johns is a national park.  Before that we had taken advantage of nice weather to visit the remote island of Anegada (surrounded by reefs) and haveimage been drifting about what they call the Channel Islands, this means the Francis Drake channel and small islands such as Peter, Cooper, Salt and Norman Islands. Some good snorkelling, saw some sharks and barracuda and big fish called Tarpon lurking under the boat but there are far too many boats, it’s busier than the Solent.  And all on the VHF trying to make their dinner reservations and competing for the buoys.

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