British Virgin Islands

From St Barth we spent a night at an uninhabited island in the National Park, lots of turtles and good snorkelling, then a couple of nights in the French part of St Martin (the island is part French, part Dutch).  From there it was an 80 mile passage downwind which we did overnight, it was almost like doing the Atlatic again with the sails poled out.  We arrived in Virgin Gorda and joined a cruising Association rally which also became a bit of a ARC+2015 rally as more boats joined in, it was great to see our friends from Lea (Norway), Chimo (Holland), Cookelu Meu (Finland, though Panos is Greek) and Odyssey (UK, Liam had taken over organising the rally).  We met for lunch at Saba rock, then a beach party in the evening on Prickly Pear Is then next day a cruise in company to Cane Garden Bay Tortola, where we all went for dinner.  It was great to see old friends and meet new ones.

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