Leaving TIMSHEL in Grenada

Timshel was hauled out at Clarks Court boat yard in Grenada, not with the huge green travel lift (“the hulk”), but floated onto the (yellow) trailer and pulled up the slip.  The boat is now secure in a strong looking cradle, and tied down to big concrete blocks.  Note the hulk is driven by a guy using a remote controller something like a Wii I guess, who walks along in front of it.

We intended to stay on the boat, but wimped out after one night as we were attacked by hordes of mosquitos – don’t think there was any other fresh meat in the vicinity.  We were trying to sleep under a net but as the deck head is quite low it necessarily drapes against you and they don’t have to get inside the net they just bite you through it, so painful.  We moved into have a small one room apartment, basic but clean, just 10 mins up the road.  We have been working hard getting the boat jobs done.  We kept the dinghy in commission until nearly time to leave so that we could zap across the bay to  go to dinner or to catch the bus into town.

We are now sadly leaving TIMSHEL for nearly 4 months while we return to the U.K.  It will be strange sleeping in a house, wearing long trousers and socks, but it will be nice to see family and friends again.

We will be going back to get the boat ready to continue sailing in late October, once the risk of hurricanes is past.


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