Sailing again (at last)

Finally got away from the pontoon at Clarkes Court on Wednesday.  Much fresher and cooler even just anchored further out near the entrance to the bay.  Spent one night at a pretty anchorage just north of Halifax Harbour on west coast of Grenada, only problem is the proximity to the rubbish dump.  Tourist season is getting into gear out here – there was a huge cruise ship in St George’s when we passed.  The Grenadians do also seem to value the yachting tourists like us. Much horror a boat was  broken into earlier in the week, next bulletin said 2 perpetrators had been caught in possession of stolen goods, unfortunately next one said one guy had escaped again ….

Moved north to island of  Carriacou today, passing Kick em Jenny underwater volcano, still quiet.  Rain of biblical proportions though, also thunder.

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