Sydney and back

We went down to Sydney again for a few days. Managed to buy the paper charts for the rest of our trip; Sally at Boat Books Australia was very helpful in sorting our list. As a major chart agent they have a licence to print Admiralty Charts, so we could take away all the ones we needed. We also had an enjoyable day at the zoo; the animals are mostly in large natural enclosures – but sometimes this makes them hard to see. It was strange being at anchor at Blackwattle Bay looking at the skyscrapers and the traffic going past and all the bustle of the city. We then spent a night at Manly – more like being at the seaside, before heading back up to Broken Bay. We are now heading north up the NSW Coast in company with Mischief. So far the dreaded EAC (East Australian current), that sweeps south at up top 4 knots in places, has not made itself felt, but it can make for slow passages northwards.

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