Heading north

Slow progress, it seems to be more difficult to go in this direction – the unfavourable current (EAC going south) is likely to kick up a big sea when you have a favourable wind (from the south) against it. Sailing in company with Lynne and Andrew on Mischief we went from Broken Bay briefly to Newcastle then to Port Stephens where we spent some lazy days moored in Fame Cove, beautiful, perfect shelter and difficult to leave. Also regularly visited by dolphins and Sea Eagles.

Then an overnight trip (rather slow due to the adverse current but with a beautiful full moon) up to Coffs Harbour where we moored in the marina – technically we are in Coffs Harbour Harbour as the town is actually called Coffs Harbour. A few days were spent here to wait for northerly winds to pass through. But lovely weather and the marina is a bit like an aquarium, clear water and so many fish, butterfly fish, rays, dense schools of sprats swirling around and hunted by cormorants and bigger fish. On Mutton Bird Island (now linked by the harbour wall causeway) saw a Fairy wren and Mutton bird chicks (shearwaters), that are about to set off to sea.

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