Lady Musgrave (out of order)

We made it out to Lady Musgrave (this may be the equivalent of St Kilda for yachts on this bit of coast) leaving Bundeberg at 10pm and travelling overnight to arrive at slack tide and just before HW next morning. No problem to navigate out of Bundeberg in the dark, it’s lit up like Christmas lights – red, green, blue ( leading lines). A calm passage under engine. At first sight of the island all the boats look like they are moored out in the ocean as you can’t see the reef around the lagoon. The entrance was blasted through the reef so it’s quite deep but you have to beware of Bommies once in. Sunny day and beautiful clear water so managed to pick a sandy spot to drop the anchor, and a turtle swam past really close. Ashore in the dinghy being careful to anchor it off the coral beach, you can walk the whole way round in 30 mins. It’s all National Park and there is a camp site and a lighthouse. Anita went snorkelling, beautiful corals and masses of colourful fish, also more turtles and stingrays. But it was cold! Next day she put on her wetsuit! It was sunny, but a reasonable breeze kept the wind charger working and created quite a chop especially at HW. We were invited aboard a Swedish boat Randivag for sundowners, crew of Alexandra (Danish) we’d met briefly in Bundeberg and Janz from Tasmania also there. We left very early in the morning, before the good weather ran out, sailing in company with Janz to Pancake Creek on the mainland.

Sorry this post got left in drafts by mistake due to poor reception so it is out of order.

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