Still in Whitsundays

Finally managed to get our serviced Liferaft delivered back to us at Abell Point marina at Airlie Beach – it’s a long story. Restocked and set off again. The weather hasn’t been ideal, windy and rainy, but all the charter boats have to manage and so do we. It’s the trade winds season so you do expect the constant 15 to 20 knots from SE, but not the rain. We had a nice day at Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island where we tried out our new stinger suits with hoods and gloves attached while we went for a snorkel. Saw lots of big fish, no nasty jelly fish, but the water is quite cool and I have reverted to the wetsuit. There were huge Bat fish under the boat who come and take bread from the hand. In many of the bays Public moorings are provided which is great as it would be difficult to anchor. But they have a 2 hour time limit, which fortunately does not seem to be strictly observed just now as it’s not high season. But you can just imagine the game of musical boats as everybody moves on around the islands every couple of hours and tries not to be the ones left out when it gets to evening. Also the moorings have huge pick up ropes as thick as my arm and half the length of the boat, too big for any of our cleats, and if there is more tide than wind you end up sailing over the buoy. Some of you will be amused to note that one of the anchorages is called Stonehaven.

We are now heading north again.

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