Townsville and north

We hopped across to Townsville on the mainland for a brief visit to get supplies – food, diesel, gas. Also had time to look around the town, some interesting old and new buildings, Anzac Memorial garden (who knew Australians fought in Vietnam – apparently the government offered their support to USA), also the impressive Reef Aquarium, and Anita ran up to the Castle Hill lookout (and down). Next night we spent at Rattlesnake Island which is in the Military Exercise area, but we’d first checked with the coastguard that no bombing was going on. We had the place to ourselves but it was very rolly which was a shame as Steve had cooked a nice anniversary dinner. Orpheus Island was much more comfortable, and looking out at sunset we actually saw a whale – at last, our first one this year, we were getting worried that we were ahead of their migration north and weren’t going to see any. Next stop was scenic Hinchinbrook Island where apparently there are crocodiles so we didn’t swim. Now at Dunk island, one of the family group it is just 4K off the mainland. The resort was wrecked in a cyclone in 2011 but I think people still camp on the island. It’s been sunny with good sailing breezes, but still not all that hot.

Dunk Island

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