Magnetic Island

We have spent a few days at this holiday island just off Townsville, named by Cook (of course). Nice warm sunny weather, it is school holidays here so quite busy. Did a tour of wildlife sanctuary, a bit like a petting zoo really, but the guide was very knowledgable. Turtles, lizards, baby crocodiles, Koalas, Wombat, Cockatoo and parrot, and a Carpet python. Apparently the wombat weighs 26kg and the position in the guides lap is its favourite place to do a poo …. One family on the tour had apparently seen a small Death adder on the walking trail, but also a snake in their shower and another in their toilet, not sure if this is normal – perhaps they are Slytherin?

Next day we did the Two Forts walk up to WWII remains and saw (and photographed) Koalas in the wild. We walked to secluded Arthur bay to go snorkelling. Apparently while we were snorkelling and focussed looking down on fish and colourful coral below us, 3 whales passed really close to us – which everyone else on the beach saw apart from us!

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