The Top End, Gove – Darwin

Spent a few extra days in Gove due to some windy weather. We were sitting quite comfortably in the anchorage but going about in the dinghy was a rather wet experience and we had to haul him up out of the water so he didn’t bounce around all night. Stopped at Bremer island just out of Gove to get sorted then on round Cape Wilberforce to Wigram Island, where there were actually 2 boats (catamarans) already anchored. Next morning onwards (with Aly Kat) to get the tide for the Gugari Rip aka the Hole in the Wall, the narrow (63m) channel between Raragala island and Guluwuru island with apparently tides up to 12 knots at springs. Both boats slowed down and hung around to enter cautiously under engine at the correct time, at high water slack with the stream just about to turn to go with us. And it was calm and very scenic, interesting rock formations.

Sailing on towards Darwin, we had good winds for 2 days, then calm and had to resort to engine power. A little tern took up residence on the aft deck one night, it seemed unfazed by our torches, but flew away soon after sunrise having left a few “presents” on the deck. I was astonished to see a large snake as we went along – presumably a sea snake. And 12 or so dolphins came to play; we must have been the only boat for a 100 miles. It is quite difficult to film dolphins who are right under the bow. And the video won’t upload – need to find better 4g.

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