To Reunion

The shortest passage of the World ARC rally, just 130 miles between Mauritius and Reunion. But during the passage we had wind from every direction, every strength from none to F6, every point of sail and just about every sail combination we have. Reunion is probably more French than France. A smallish high volcanic island – with one volcano still active, about 850,000 people. There is a mainly dual carriageway road all round the coast, though they are building a new bit out on stilts just north of here (you don’t expect your passage by yacht along the coast to be obstructed by road building!), then some steep and convoluted small roads heading into the mountainous interior of the island, none go right across. Though just when you think your hire car can’t possibly make the next bend, you realise that this is the bus route. Most of the cars, especially the hire cars are white. There was a trip to the volcano, then we spent a couple of days touring with Ros and Howard from Misto, going up to the Cirque of Cilaos (caldera of an old volcano) to do some walking and in fact we stayed the night in a sort of b&b. First time we haven’t slept on the boat since March.

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