Managed to make a little progress south last Thursday/Friday, but only the 80 or so miles to Durban. Not the best of trips, firstly we had to wait over 2 hours for permission to leave from RICHARDS Bay Port Control, by which time it was well dark and we still had to negotiate the anchored ships just outside, motoring into a big swell and no wind. Of course, had planned to all this in daylight and get set on our course before dark Then alerted by another yacht Slipaway travelling in the same direction that some of our Nav lights were not working. Eventually the wind came up so we could sail then came up some more, so we entered Durban harbour practically surfing under bare poles. Fortunately we were not held up entering the harbour, must have got just about the last berth in the marina right down in the corner. Spent the afternoon clearing in with customs and Immigration, even local boats have to do it. And we have to clear out again with those agencies and also port control in order to leave – whenever the weather allows us to move on. Still, we are handily placed between the Royal Natal and The Point yacht clubs both of whom have given us free temporary membership. We have been trying to fix the Nav lights, we need a new port light as it has corroded away, I’m sure it worked on the leg to Richards Bay. Steve winched Anita up the mast to fix the steaming light.

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