Tembe Elephant Park Safari

So pleased to have found this lovely place. The package was 2 nights accommodation, 2 game drives and 4 meals a day, exactly what we wanted and at a reasonable price. We just kept getting tied up trying to book everything separately. And it was 3 hours drive from Richards Bay (actually a bit more as we’d chosen a less than ideal route going through a town jammed up withe Friday market) as opposed to 7 or so to Kruger. So we arrived and were shown to our luxury tent – slightly bigger than the boat, with facilities including an outdoor shower, all set off by itself in the bush so you could here all the sounds of Africa by night (and by day). Then lunch at 2 pm then our first game drive in a land rover with expert guide Amen. He showed us everything from ants to elephants, and there were lots of elephants really close sometimes. Also zebra, giraffe, buffalo, lots of different antelope and a lioness. We saw tracks of leopard, heard roars of lions, but the rhino here are very shy. Amen seemed to have superpower vision spotting animals from an impossible distance; he also showed us a great variety of African birds. Back for dinner, called by a drum for 7.30 pm, the food was excellent and the attentive staff made us feel so welcome. The lodge is run by and for the local Tembe tribe. A log camp fire was lit in the middle of the open sitting area each night and you could watch nocturnal bush babies coming down for pineapple. Monkeys however were discouraged with a catapult. Up at 5.15 next morning for “light breakfast” before the next 3 hour game drive at 6. The 4 th meal is a substantial 2nd breakfast when you get back, then sleeping/lounging/ reading/ taking a cooling dip in the tiny pool until lunch. We loved it all so much we stayed an extra day.

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