On to Mossel Bay

We may have been the first of the itinerant yachts to exit from Durban at 09.30 Friday despite having to wait for marina guys to find the correct key to unlock our cable from the electricity box. No delays from Port Control despite a lot of shipping. Motoring then motorsailing in not much wind or current, wind gradually increased and came behind, we got into the strong current and overnight making great progress SOG sometimes more than 10 knots sailing wing on wing. By morning wind had dropped so reefs let out, but ended the day motoring again no wind, fortunately the swell died down eventually so we could make good progress. Went past East London, we’re heading for Port Elizabeth middle of the next day but realised it was calm enough to carry on, we had time before the next adverse wind arrived. Not much favourable current by now but motoring in a flat sea we could make good progress, not the most inspiring, but we arrived at Mossel Bay and anchored around 22.00 Monday. Anchoring took longer than expected as the chain was all jammed in the locker, we hadn’t used it since Cocos Keeling some 10 weeks ago. The adverse SW wind started up at 0700 the next morning but we were in shelter. I forgot, while we were going along, in fact while we were talking to one of the other boats on VHF, we were surprised when a little bird flew straight into the cabin. Something like a sparrow, definitely a land bird, I managed to catch it in a towel and took it out to release it on deck whereupon it recovered itself and flew off towards the land – but we were a good few miles offshore at the time.

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