Mossel Bay to Cape Town

Fortunately we didn’t have to wait very long for the weather to be right to continue our trip. Only a couple of days in Mossel Bay, the yacht club was very friendly and we got fuel in cans by taxi. Left early on a very calm Thursday morning on company with Amandla (Lisa and Fabio), after a few hours motoring got wind and had a great sail from then on. Passed Cape Agulhas by moonlight, but we did get to see Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. We were going to take a lot less than the expected 2 days to get there so anchored just round the corner in Granger Bay for the rest of the night, before going into Cape Town harbour in daylight next morning. You have to negotiate two opening bridges, but the crew of Pretaixte were there on the pontoon at the V&A marina to take our lines and welcome us. Nice to catch up with our friends again. N.B V&A is Victoria and Alfred NOT Albert! Alfred was one of her sons. It’s a nice marina, right in the middle of the tourist and shopping area built where old warehouses used to be. A few Christmases ago Aberdeen had dolphins everywhere; here it is rhinos. The harbour is home to cormorants, a few penguins and many noisy squabbling Cape Fur seals. Who occasionally get on your pontoon or even your boat. They can be quite fierce when crossed.

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