We have been to this lovely island before – Timshel was laid up ashore in a yard in the South for the 2016 hurricane season. But of course most of the time we were there we were working hard either laying up the boat or getting it ready to sail again. This time we were in the rather nice marina at St George’s for a week. We had a really good island tour with a very informative guide, learning all about local politics, conservation, agriculture and why this is called the Spice Island – nutmeg and other spice trees in integrated forests with fruit trees such as Mango, coffee and cacao. Also visited a spectacular waterfall and had a swim in the pool, some also jumped in from a height but nothing like the local guy who somersaulted in from much higher rocks (for tips). The egg shells on the cactus plants outside a home are apparently meant to ward off zombies. Then there was the Rum tour, and later the Prizegiving dinner. Timshel was awarded a share of one of the fun prizes (guessing number of characters in names of first 10 boats to finish).

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